I hope that this past year has been pleasant for you, that your troubles have been sources of growth, and that the upcoming year is filled with joy. My “resolutions” are up on the Humble Justice blog. What are yours? Facebook Comments

This past weekend I had the great honor and pleasure to spend time at the Achayot Retreat for Jewish Women Writers at Beekman Arms in Rhinebeck, New York. It was a truly special event featuring an amazing ladies-only Shabbat, lots of reading and sharing of work, morning Torah study, a trip to the bookstore, schmoozing, […]

There are writing workshops, and then there’s Bread Loaf Orion. My second year here on scholarship, I recognize this as something of a pilgrimage. Though there is a bit of sadness in not being able to share the experience with the same fiction group as last year, the new group brought new friends and lots […]

I’ve spent so much time traveling the world without really digging my heels into any particular soil, but it feels a bit strange that I’ve done the same thing on the internet. Usually you get one or the other, these days. But my website is back up and ready to do its thing. Facebook Comments