No’a L. bat Miri is an independent educator, multigenre editor, and budding theologian. Her primary interests are in religious land-use narrative (e.g. comparative ecotheologies, the plurality of zionisms, urban planning in religious text, pilgrimage sites, and more) and providing high-quality and meaningful religious educational and ritual experiences to those who are on the “fringes” of traditional communities (chiefly with regards to Jewish spaces and how they are/not accessible to those from interfaith or multifaith families, who fall between the “cracks” of different brands of Judaism, etc.).

She is currently pursuing her MDiv, and earned her MFA in English from Queens University of Charlotte’s program in Latin America, in addition to having completed postgraduate studies in urbanism in Bucharest and holding a degree in economics.

Her environmental writing has garnered her repeated support to the Bread Loaf Environmental Writers’ Conference, as well as to other gatherings.