fall classes for Jewish kids

Hello, friends!

Several parents who, for one reason or another, are reluctant to send their children back to their day schools at the end of summer, have requested specific sections of my classes (as well as the creation of some new courses that I am very excited to share!) oriented to students who are used to religious schooling.

Currently, I am developing and redeveloping options for those comfortable with an inclusive Modern Orthodox outlook, as well as offerings for a Torah-sensitive pluralistic or pan-denominational Jewish worldview. All sections will be co-ed unless enough parents request girls-only classes to fill those sections.

If you would like to be included in these classes, please contact me so that you can be kept abreast of scheduling. The courses with the most interest, so far, are my Story & Symbol course on dreams, a FASHION x CURIOSITY intensive focused on Jewish clothing, and a yet-released deepdive interdisciplinary look at Tractate Berakhot (Talmud Bavli). These sections will be built with respect to the Jewish sense of time, and are looking to be filled with younger b’nei mitzvot (ages 12-14). For younger students (9-11), I am gearing up to offer a full-term, daily (M, T, W, R, F) interdisciplinary exploration of one of my favorite texts, Perek Shirah. As demand shifts, I will gladly consider a wider variety of sections.

Be well!

Stylized initials: large N, little b, large M.