I never imagined that I might one day interview a TikTok star, but… this just made sense. Jews? Check. Trees? Check. Jews and trees? Sign. Me. Up. Tobin was lovely to interview, and as always, Molly is a great editor to work with.

Here’s an excerpt:

The pandemic has seen many venture deeper into the great outdoors, while others have tapped into previously unexplored corners of the internet. Others have embraced both. Tobin Mitnick, a 33-year-old TikToker and Instagrammer who first started to gain major attention with his viral pinecone review, followed by his subsequent defense of 2020’s Rockefeller Center Christmas Spruce, has taken to the video-sharing platforms to spread the good news about one of his favorite subjects: trees.

And not just trees, but trees through a Jewish lens…

I honestly loved all of this, so maybe you will, too? Continue reading on their website. (Click here!)